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Verify Photo ID

How the app works:

Before You Meet

Log in and use the app to send your prospect an invitation, by text or email, to submit their photo ID.

Scans Photo ID

Retrieves and verifies your prospects name, address, DMV photo plus age, height, eye and hair color. Checks against a National sex offenders list.

You Decide

Review the prospects background, then decide if you wish to meet. Built in tools to confirm where to meet.

Share appointment info

Share the appointment details of who, when & where with partners, spouse and broker automatically.

Works on Anything

Desktop, laptop, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or Windows phone and any make of tablet.

Safety Monitor

iPhone & Android apps add the safety monitor functionality. Sends distress alerts if there are problems.


Unique Showing Monitor is included!

Verify Photo ID is the only safety app that sends distress messages with the prospects verified name and address plus their DMV photo!

  • Select the prospect and approx duration of the showing.
  • Activate the Showing Monitor and the screen goes black (looks like it's off).
  • If you shake the phone or if it's snatched the monitor will arm.
  • Unless a pin is used with 10 seconds, the app will send distress alerts automatically to your predetermined contacts.

Here's how the monitor works:

A National Agent Safety Standard.

Never meet at the property, always verify a strange prospects photo ID in advance.

  • Many businesses require proof of identity

    The travel industry is a good example. To get on an airplane, rent a car or check into an hotel. All require to see your drivers license or passport.

  • It's already an industry standard

    ... in the apartment rental business. In order to tour an apartment complex, the representative will request your photo ID.

  • Since March 2014 Airbnb have used

    ... a very similar system to our screening process, to verify the identity of both landlords and tenants.

  • Never meet a strange prospect

    ... directly at the property under any circumstances. Always meet at your office first, or at a neutral location such as a local Starbucks.

  • Always verify a strange prospects photo ID

    As a preventative measure, verifying the identity of strange prospects in advance is just makes plain common sense.

  • A standard in the real estate industry

    Our industry deserves a National standard, similar to others that are already accepted by consumers. Let's make it so ...

Who we are.

Peter Toner, Founder

Peter, originally from the UK is a third generation real estate agent, a Realtor for over 18 years.

Verify Photo ID was conceived and built to address the security issues that affect real estate agents in their day to day work, screening strangers before meeting with an agent.

Realtor safety is an important topic that Peter writes about regularly on Inman News and The Real Daily.

Robert Eyer, Software Engineer

Robert & Peter have worked together for the past 12 years, originally on Peter's custom real estate search site.

Robert is the brains behind the data and programming needed to power the app, with built in data security of paramount importance.

All data and images used in the application are transmitted in encrypted form, using state of the art technology and secure systems.

Hundreds of agents

... already use our app, including agents in these fine companies:

Keller Williams Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices ERA Baird & Warner Long & Foster


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  • Full 30 day guarantee

    • Both Agent plans offer
    • 30 day money back quarantee

    • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Agent++

    $19.95 per month
    • iPhone and Andriod app
    • Browser version
    • 10 screenings per month
    • Unlimited screenings
    • Registered sex offenders check
    • Demographic & financial screen
    • Safety Monitor included
    • Money back guarantee

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Verify Photo ID recognized!

Verify Photo ID was honoured to be recognised and selected as a finalist in the August 2015 Inman Awards in the innovative technology company category.

Recognized as the Best Safety App (tied), September 2015 in Chicago Agent Magazine.